Pet Mod [Gen 8] Crossover Chaos

Congratulations to Pika Xreme, Mygavolt and Sunsteel Smash for winning with Zamite line, Molgera and Set. Sunsteel Smash has earned the title, Parodius.

This week's slate is for any association with the liquid state of matter. Any character with an affinity with, live near or use attacks based on water, mercury, lava, honey, etc. are eligible for this slate.

As per usual , you have two weeks to get any submissions sorted.

Have fun

Pokémon: Kecha Wacha
Origin: Monster Hunter
Type: Water/Flying
Ability: Fluffy / Soundproof / Flash Fire
Stats: 70/100/80/80/70/100 (500)
Notable Moves: Liquidation, Scald, Hydro Pump, Acrobatics, Dual Wingbeat, Fly, Flare Blitz, Fireball (see Bowser or Mario or however the fuck this works now), Flamethrower, Fire Blast, U-Turn, Flip Turn, Roost
Reasoning: A Fanged Beast fought early in Monster Hunter 4. It blasts...water out of its trunk, and is a Water-element monster, hence its Water typing. It can fly, being one of the few Fanged Beasts to do so, hence its Flying typing.

Fluffy because it's furry and weak to fire. Soundproof because its face covering allegedly protects it from light and sound when it gets mad. Flash Fire and Fire moves because it has a Fire variant, Ash Kecha Wacha. Pivoting moves and Roost because, like most Monster Hunter monsters, it likes to get away from you for a bit and recouperate.
Here's an obligatory something new to fit the bonus.

Pokémon: Fire Fish
Type: Water/Fire
Ability: Wimp Out / Thick Fat
Signature Move: Spitfire - Fire, Physical, 25 BP, 95% Acc, 15 PP | Hits 2-5 times.
Other Moves: Liquidation, Flip Turn, Aqua Jet, Surf, Scald, Flamethrower, Double-Edge, Slam, Horn Attack, Quick Attack, Smart Strike, Megahorn, U-turn, Will-O-Wisp
Stats: 50/115/50/115/50/100 | 480 BST
Reasoning: This uncommon enemy has three different attacks: dashing around underwater, smacking Gail once at a time with its tail fin, and spewing out trails of fire (hence the name). These behaviors, along with the horn on its head, are the basis behind its movepool and typing. It flees when reduced to low HP and drops multiple Fish Filets when killed, hence its Abilities.

Quicksand is fluid enough, right?

"Argh, what a piece of junk!" - Dr. Eggman
Pokémon: Egg Golem
Type: Steel/Rock
Ability: Iron Fist / Solid Rock / Sand Force
Moves: Meteor Mash, Iron Head, Heavy Slam, Gyro Ball, Head Smash, Stone Edge, Rock Slide, Rock Tomb, Ancient Power, Hammer Arm, Brick Break, Earthquake, Bulldoze, Sand Tomb, Zen Headbutt, Thrash, Mega Punch, Rapid Spin, Brutal Swing, Wild Charge, Discharge, Stealth Rock, Thunder Wave, Whirlwind, Sandstorm
Stats: 150/130/100/100/75/5 | 560 BST
Reasoning: It's a robot with a stony exterior that sometimes slams the terrain with its fists and other times spins around. (Whirlwind represents the shock waves generated by the fist smashes.) In a pinch, it bashes its head on the terrain while its restraining mechanism emits electricity. Its lower body is buried in quicksand during the fights against it, hence Sand Force and sand-related moves.

"He tends to explode objects using his flasks." - Puyo Nexus

"Let's experiment!"
Pokémon: Risukuma
Type: Normal/Water
Ability: Fluffy / Chemist* / Analytic
*Poison-type Steelworker (added to Rio Futaba in Expanded revisions)
Moves: Puyo Pop (from Ringo Ando), Return, Frustration, Thrash, Hyper Voice, Potion Throw (from Plague Knight), Sludge Wave, Sludge Bomb, Clear Smog, Venoshock, Mystical Fire, Overheat, Scald, Psychic, Fling, Haze, Roar, Toxic, Will-O-Wisp, Gastro Acid, Work Up, Trick Room, Magic Room, Stealth Rock, Spikes, Stuff Cheeks, Assist, Purify
Z-Move: Ai Shiteru - Poison, Special, 190 BP | Super-effective against Rock. | Requires Potion Throw and Risukumanium Z
Stats: 82/102/82/102/122/62 | 552 BST
Reasoning: Risukuma is a humanoid squirrel-bear (hence his name) and an upperclassman to Ringo Ando. His feral taxonomy gives him Normal typing, Fluffy, Hyper Voice, Roar, Stuff Cheeks, and Assist (JP: Cat's Paw). His closeness to Ringo is reflected in his base stats, Water typing, Analytic, and certain movepool additions (including Ai Shiteru, which is to him as Permutation is to her). He regularly carries around flasks of mysterious liquids and tends to make them explode, so another portion of the movepool is inspired by Rio Futaba (as is Chemist), with Overheat and Toxic added to the mix. (No pun intended.) Return and Frustration come from the love connoisseur aspect of his character, Thrash and Work Up symbolize his habit of getting...well, worked up over his science experiments, and Purify relates to the moment in Puyo Puyo Tetris when his paws dispense juice for Ess.
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oh boy, a water-type biased slate my favourite
(all the submissions here are resubs deal with it)

"Captain Nemo does not ignore those who rough up the seas. Forward! Great Ram - Nautilus!"
Pokémon: Nemo
Franchise/Origin: Fate/Grand Order

Sturdy (HA: Swift Swim)
Other Moves:
: Dive, Aqua Jet, Liquidation, Flip Turn, Magnet Bomb, Metal Burst, Gunshot (from Hector Barbarossa in CCEX), Attack Order, U-turn, Assurance, Lash Out, Spirit Break, Counter, Low Kick, Reversal, Revenge, Superpower, Acrobatics, Icicle Crash, Double-Edge, Endeavor, Last Resort, Retaliate, Rock Slide, Rock Tomb
: Hydro Pump, Surf, Water Gun, Whirlpool, Water Pulse, Brine, Scald, Snipe Shot, Flash Cannon, Steel Beam, Dazzling Gleam, Focus Blast, Final Gambit, Shadow Ball, Blizzard, Ice Beam, Icy Wind, Sonic Boom, Hyper Voice, Weather Ball, Boomburst, Stored Power, Power Gem
: Aqua Ring, Life Dew, Rain Dance, Soak, Water Sport, Gear Up, Metal Sound, Shift Gear, Heal Order, Memento, Torment, Embargo, Quash, Thunder Wave, Magnet Rise, Crafty Shield, Confuse Ray, Destiny Bond, Spite, Grudge, Mist, Hail, Flash, Metronome, Screech, Supersonic, Swords Dance, Foresight, Safeguard, Follow Me, Helping Hand, Work Up, Calm Mind, Magic Coat, Heal Pulse, Wide Guard
Signature moves:
Z-Move - Requires Dive and Dakkarium Z - Great Ram Nautilus -
- 150 BP - Base power doubled if used on Dynamaxed/Gigantamaxed targets. Gains 50% more base power during rain.
Stats: 60/84/96/96/84/80 (BST: 500)

Reasoning: Captain Nemo is a Water/Steel-type due to his nature of being a captain of a submarine made from metal (thus Steel), and thus has been seen more in the water than in the land. This also suits his origin as a Phantom servant borne of the combination of Triton and Prince Dakkar, the former being a merfolk said to be the son of Poseidon. Captain Nemo has been shown to create clones of himself know collectively as the Nemo Series which consists at least of 12 members, including the Captain himself, thus most of his base stats are multiples of 12. Furthermore, those same base stats are based on his Servant parameters in F/GO itself, but his Speed stat of 80 is the top speed of Nemo's signature submarine, the Nautilus, in km/h, as told of in the original version of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne. Triton's father, Poseidon is the member of the Olympians; and in Type-Moon lore, the Olympians are secretly extra-terrestrial metallic constructs often the size of science fiction mechs like the Gundam and various sci-fi spaceships. This also suits his Steel-typing due to being an inheritor of what is to be assume the mechanical heritage of the Greek god of the sea, also handwaving his ability to learn Thunder Wave, Magnet Rise, Gear Up, and Shift Gear without placing reasoning on his knowledge of electricity to run his submarine Nautilus in the original Jules Verne book this servant is based on and/or Nemo Engine's nature as a mechanic of some sort, similar to how the original Nemo in Jules Verne's original novel exerts as the maintainer of such an advance submarine for its time. If the father of Triton (thus servant Nemo himself) Poseidon's fellow Olympians Artemis and Demeter have machine-like forms, it is quite easy to assume Poseidon has a mechanical transformation as well. With the Nemo Series as his disposal as “minions” as shown in his attack animations within Fate/Grand Order itself, he gains Attack Order, Heal Order, Foresight, and Heal Pulse to represent some of the Nemo Series's duties during battle and outside of it as well. Heal Order and Heal Pulse partially represents Nemo Nurse. Foresight may represent the analytical nature of Nemo Professor. His Z-Move, which uses Dive as its base move, is based on his Noble Phantasm of the same name he uses in Fate/GO, which gains similar bonuses in sea, which translate here to a bonus in rain, and to enemies of a giant, kaiju-like size (Super Giant trait) which already has Pokémon representation with the maligned Dynamax/Gigantamax mechanic. Coincidentally, the Gigantamax form of Demeter is more vulnerable to Nemo's Great Ram Nautilus, which technically happens similarly in Fate/Grand Order proper as well. Sturdy is his only non-Hidden Ability as a reference to the Guts mechanic of his second skill, Indomitable, working like a Focus Sash/Focus Band, thus Sturdy's presentation. Swift Swim is mainly a competitive edge to have him benefit more from rain and to circumvent his middle-of-the-road base Speed stat.

Nemo (M) @ Dakkarium Z
Ability: Sturdy
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Dive
- Aqua Jet
- Rock Slide / Liquidation / Gunshot
- Swords Dance / Heal Order
Nemo (M) @ E-Tank / Leftovers
Ability: Sturdy
EVs: 248 HP / 8 SpA / 252 SpD
Bold / Calm Nature
- Hydro Pump / Scald
- Ice Beam / Shadow Ball
- Heal Order
- Calm Mind
Nemo (M) @ Throat Spray
Ability: Swift Swim
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Hydro Pump / Surf
- Boomburst
- Ice Beam
- Flash Cannon / Destiny Bond

Slate Theme Reasoning: Discounting the fact that he has inherited some traits from Triton, son of Greek sea deity Poseidon, Prince Dakkar, or more commonly known as Captain Nemo, uses the Nautilus as his seafaring vehicle. Many times in Jules Verne's novels Captain Nemo has expressed his despise of the land-based civilisations he so strives to destroy - especially concerning the British Empire. This is taken to great lengths to keep himself sheltered in the oceans' waters, and avoids going to almost every piece of dry land on earth as much as possible. It is fair to assume Captain Nemo as a Rider shares those same beliefs his original novel incarnation had.

"Water is the core ingredient of life. I've talked to Miss Closure about improving Rhodes Island's water purification system. I hope that my research can be of help... so I don't have to worry about the water being dirty anymore."
Pokémon: Weedy
Franchise/Origin: Arknights

Mega Launcher
Other Moves:
: Metal Burst, Heavy Slam, Dive, Liquidation, Slam, Endeavor, Pound, Reversal, Body Press, Avalanche, Payback, Bulldoze, Dragon Rush, Double Iron Bash, Outrage, Flip Turn
: Flash Cannon, Water Gun, Water Pulse, Hydro Cannon, Hydro Pump, Brine, Snipe Shot, Whirlpool, Dragon Pulse, Terrain Pulse, Ice Beam, Mirror Shot, Aurora Beam, Hyper Beam, Steel Beam, Weather Ball, Scald, Aura Sphere, Energy Ball
: Supersonic, Work Up, Wide Guard, Rain Dance, Aqua Ring, Block, Calm Mind, Light Screen, Lock-On, Mist, Hail, Soak
Note: (cannot learn Toxic)
Signature move:
Azotic Pulse –
– 90 BP – 10 PP – 100% – 10% chance to freeze target. Boosted by Mega Launcher.
Stats: 92/82/89/117/40/92 (BST: 512)

Reasoning: Water-type due to being based on a seadragon but does not carry the Dragon-type due to the nominal nature of her dragon heritage. Despite not having the Steel-type, she is able to draw in the power of Steel-type moves, from the mineral nature of most water, including sea water (Flash Cannon), to being able to create bionic/robotic constructs. Mega Launcher became her sole ability due to the large cannon she carries around to fire various Water moves, thus many pulse moves were added to take advantage of the ability. Due to one of her skills being called Liquid Nitrogen Cannon in Arknights itself, liquid nitrogen being a very cold substance, she gained Ice Beam and Azotic Pulse as moves, Ice Beam being a common move that Water-type gets and complements the cold concept that Azotic Pulse suggests. Most of her status moves are either Water, reinforce her nature of cleansing things physically and mentally (she often goes to Perfumer’s Convalescence Garden to relax and breathe in aromas), or incentivizes her knowledge of mechanical weapons and traps. She gets Wide Guard due to being in a tower defense gacha game and for supplying the field with a wide berth in both the size of her equipment (cannon, etc). and the ability to summon drones that can be deployed quite far away from her, to make sure she is completely protecting her allies.

Weedy (F) @ Choice Specs / Mystic Water
Ability: Mega Launcher
EVs: 8 HP / 248 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Azotic Pulse
- Flash Cannon / Dragon Pulse
- Ice Beam
- Aura Sphere / Hydro Pump
Weedy (F) @ Leftovers
Ability: Mega Launcher
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 SpA
Bold / Lax Nature
- Scald
- Azotic Pulse / Flip Turn
- Aqua Ring
- Body Press / Aura Sphere

Slate Theme Reasoning: She's based on a leafy seadragon as an part of Terra's Aegir race - as seadragons are obviously water-borne creatures. That's not all, though. During missions in her source material, she can enter the battlefield sporting various liquid-launching armaments to attack foes. Besides water, she's not afraid to use liquid forms of chemical elements that are usually gases at room temperature, which is a fluid most people rarely see in fiction unless it's heavily science-based or features them in a work of fiction with a PC community biased audience.

you thought it was all going to be water-types i'm posting did ya

"Allow me to demonstrate!"
Pokémon: Byleth
Franchise/Origin: Fire Emblem

Pressure/Steadfast (HA: Crest of Flames)
Signature ability - Crest of Flames - User's moves turn into HP-draining moves when landing critical hits that heal the user for 50% of the damage dealt.
Other Moves:
: Quick Attack, Slash, Strength, False Swipe, Feint, Retaliate, Counter, Rock Smash, Brick Break, Revenge, Drain Punch, Sacred Sword, U-Turn, First Impression, Lunge, Pursuit, Assurance, Night Slash, Payback, Dual Chop, Fire Lash, Aerial Ace, Acrobatics, Power Whip, Psycho Cut, Stone Edge, Smack Down
: Tri Attack, Wring Out, Terrain Pulse, Focus Blast, Final Gambit, Secret Sword, Dark Pulse, Snarl, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Shock Wave, Dazzling Gleam, Fire Blast, Ember, Flamethrower, Flame Burst, Inferno, Mystical Fire, Night Shade, Shadow Ball, Earth Power, Extrasensory, Psyshock, Stored Power
: Disable, Focus Energy, Swords Dance, Foresight, Follow Me, Helping Hand, After You, Work Up, Laser Focus, Teatime, Detect, Torment, Quash, Thunder Wave, Electric Terrain, Sunny Day, Spite, Agility, Calm Mind, Imprison, Ally Switch, Heal Pulse, Instruct, Rain Dance
Signature move:
Divine Rupture –
– 80 BP – 20 PP – 90% – Will always land critical hits on Dragon, Dark, and Ghost types. Bypasses Ghost's immunity to Normal type moves. Does not make contact unlike most Physical moves.
Stats (♂): 85/155/85/100/50/95 (BST: 570)
Stats (♀): 85/130/60/100/75/120 (BST: 570)

Reasoning: Primary Normal-type due to being a Teacher (or Professor), a trainer class that is found in GSC and HGSS that often uses Normal-type realmons in battle, and also fits his/her adherence and inheritance to the Crest of Flames, the crest foretold to be tied to the Creator Goddess of Fódlan herself, serving as a mirror to Arceus's default typing of Normal. Secondary Fighting-type due to a noticeable amount of Fire Emblem protagonist (aka the Lords like Lucina) sharing the typing due to their honor in the battlefield and their renowned tactical utility in the art of war. This also gives Sacred Sword the chance to hit for STAB. His/her non-hidden abilities are chosen from the perspective of the story in which Pressure shows the emotionless and stern side of Byleth, while Steadfast shows the emotion he/she eventually gathers from their time with the Golden Deer/Blue Lions paths. His/her hidden and signature ability is his/her Crest of Flames, with its HP-draining effect taken into play via turning moves into HP-draining ones like Giga Drain and Drain Punch due to having a similar effect in game when its gameplay effects triggers. Divine Rupture is a mix of his/her signature Combat Art within FE3H and his/her usage of the Sword of the Creator, its whip-like form allowing such a signature Physical move the benefit of being contactless, preventing Rocky Helmet, Rough Skin, and Iron Barbs from hurting him/her as much as other mons. The whip form of the Sword of the Creator allows Byleth to possess Power Whip as a coverage move. Drain Punch as a utility attacking move to help his/her longevity without Recover and similar moves came from his/her proficiency in the Brawl type of weapons that debut in his/her home game. Secret Sword, which came from Keldeo, was chosen due to his/her importance as Three Houses's protagonist, the ever-present "protagonist bias" a justification for a use of a move that used to be found on only one Mythical Pokémon. The other Special moves and some of his/her Status moves (Thunder Wave, Electric Terrain, Heal Pulse) come from his/her ability to learn two of the three Anima magic types in Fire and Thunder magic, and Light magic via his proficiency in the Faith class of magic. (Nosferatu is a special mention due to being both Light and Dark magic at certain instance of the Fire Emblem franchise) Byleth's stats come from a mix of stats extracted from stats found in both their appearance within their main game and within Fire Emblem: Heroes. To differentiate between Male and Female Byleth, the variations between their Fire Emblem Heroes stats have been taken to account. The basis on their different stat changes includes Male Byleth being more hard-hitting with higher Attack, and Female Byleth being a lithe and potential sweeper with higher Speed.

Byleth (M) @ Chople Berry / Silk Scarf
Ability: Crest of Flames
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Adamant / Jolly Nature
- Divine Rupture
- Sacred Sword / Drain Punch
- Stone Edge
- First Impression / U-Turn
Byleth (F) @ Life Orb
Ability: Crest of Flames
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpA / 252 Spe
Naive Nature
- Divine Rupture
- Sacred Sword / Drain Punch
- Thunderbolt
- Shadow Ball
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Pokémon: Broken Vessel
Origin: Hollow Knight
Type: Poison/Ghost
Innards Out
Notable moves: Sludge Bomb, Sludge Wave, Slash, Bounce, Infestation, Dash Slash, Venoshock, Roar, Sacred Sword, Smart Strike, X-Scissor, Lunge, Shadow Bone, Megahorn, Dark Pulse, Brutal Swing, Toxic, Shadow Sneak, Swords Dance
90/110/60/100/85/115 [555]

Reasoning: Poison/Ghost because Hallownest's infection grows off it, the Broken Vessel attacks with it, and its body is made from Void. It jumps around, has managed to learn the dash slash somehow, and swings its own nail around. Occasionally, it starts headbanging to scatter infected blobs all throughout. When rematched in its dreams, it fights much faster and leaves much less room for error, so it has good speed here. It mainly relies on its nail, though it also has the aforementioned headbang attack and sometimes infected blobs will manifest to attack the player character. Also it lets out the source of the infection's roar when the fight starts. The movepool in general takes cues from the player character, what with the origins of the two and all.
(the image wouldnt load properly so heres a link to a page on them: Slime Girls - OMORI Wiki)
Pokémon: Slime Girls (Molly is the blue one, Marina is the pink one, and Medusa is the green one)
Franchise/Origin: OMORI
Type: Water/various (see ability)
Ability: Leader Switch-Every turn, the Slime Girls will change which one of them is in front, changing their typing and stats. Marina is the leader by default. (Marina is Psychic, Molly is Dark, and Medusa is Ghost, and they change in that order)
Notable moves: Psychic, Extrasensory, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, Pain Split, Taunt, Embargo, Flatter, Nasty Plot, Night Slash, Payback, Parting Shot, Topsy-Turvy, Confuse Ray, Curse, Spite, Hex, Shadow Claw, Poltergeist, Expanding Force, Future Sight, Guard Split, Guard Swap, Hypnosis, Imprison, Light Screen, Reflect, Power Split, Power Swap, Power Trick, Power Trip, Stored Power, Psyshock, Aqua Ring, Clamp, Scald, Liquidation, Flip Turn, Life Dew, Psycho Cut, Soak, Smart Strike, Thunder Wave, Will-O-Wisp, universal TMs
Signature move: Combination Attack- A 3-hit, 25 BP special move. One hit is Psychic-type, one is Dark-type, and the other is Ghost-Type. 24 PP.
Stats: 70/120/60/120/60/110 (Marina), 110/60/120/60/120/70 (Medusa), 90/90/90/90/90/90 (Molly)

Why do you wish to fight me? How many sons and daughters have been lost in your pathetic attempts at revenge?
It was the king who brought ruin to your country, not I!
He lied to us. He said he was wounded, yet it was only time that threatened him!
He pitted his children against one another, sacrificed everything to satisfy his own selfish desires, and in the end, left us penniless and alone.
So I took the only option left. I rejected king and country...
And chose a new family instead!

Pokémon: Johannes
Franchise/Origin: Rogue Legacy

Abilities: Defiant / Justified [HA]
Custom Item:
Fountain of Youth - Allows Johannes to Mega Evolve
Moves: Axe Strike, Blade Burst, Close Combat, Sacred Sword, Detect, Barrier, Spiky Shield, Life Dew, Double Edge, Double Team, Swords Dance, Teleport
Stats: 110 / 90 / 80 / 80 / 80 / 100 [540 BST]

You think you have slain me?
I have lived for over a thousand years, and I will live for ten thousand more!
Alexander... Khidr... Ponce De Leon...
I was not the first hero to reach the fountain...
But I will be the last!

Pokémon: Johannes-Mega

Abilities: Fountain's Blade - Steel type attacks become Water type & gain a 1.2x power boost.
Stats: 110 / 150 / 100 / 80 / 130 / 70 [640 BST]
Justification: Johannes the Traitor, the final boss of the first Rogue Legacy game. A traitor to the Kingdom, Johannes spends his days locked within the throne, possessing the Fountain of Youth as his treasure. (Hence his connection to the theme) His base form takes up the Fighting/Steel typing, being a knight clad in steel armor. In his base form, Johannes' abilities are both Defiant and Justified, both derivative from his personality/lore, as displayed in the introductory quote included.
As for attack's, Johannes' attacks in-game had very little diversity, and this is reflected in his rather limited movepool, in base form, he gets some standard knife & sword attacks, reflected by Sacred Sword, Double Edge, and Close Combat, and the Blade Wall spell, which summons a stagnant barrier that hurts anyone who approaches, which is portrayed by both Barrier and Spiky Shield. He also has an attack where he tosses a barrage of axes across the battlefield, making the custom Axe Strike move appropriate for this learnset. As for the rest of his moves, I'll get to those a bit later, as they pertain to his second form.
For stats, Johannes has a fairly balanced movepool, being designed to have similar strength to the player character, who has rather malleable stats. There is a slight bonus to HP and Speed, as bosses in Rogue Legacy sport rather high health stats for a good reason, and Johannes is a particularly agile boss in the Rogue Legacy series.
Now, onto his Mega form, Johannes-Mega represents the second phase of his boss fight, where upon initial defeat, he fuses with the fountain, taking on a more powerful form. As such he drops his Steel-typing in favor Water-typing from the fountain's power, his bladed attacks are now fit to be more powerful and accompanied by a new blue sheen, leading to the particular design choices around his ability, Fountain's Blade. Again, Fountain Johannes' attacks lack much diversity, only adding a few extra moves to the movepool. He throws out a large barrage of swords and knives, however those attacks don't really add anything new. He gains a new attack where he stations himself at the center of the stage, then summons Lances to rise up from the ground, which seemed to best mirror a custom move, Dark Meta Knight's Blade Burst. Instead of maneuvering around the map like in his base form, Fountain Johannes predominantly warps around the map, justifying teleport.
Overall, Johannes-Mega gains a large boon to his Defense and Attack, as he in game he now takes and deals greater damage, however his speed takes a slight drop, as he loses that swiftness from the first phase in exchange for aforementioned warping.
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Pika Xreme's Kecha Wacha
Mygavolt's Fire Fish
Mygavolt's Egg Golem
Mygavolt's Risukuma
leafsaber47's Nemo
leafsaber47's Weedy
leafsaber47's Byleth
KirbyRider1337's Broken Vessel
woworiginal's Slime Girls
Rasdanation's Johannes

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Mygavolt's Egg Golem
leafsaber47's Weedy
grusha syndrome


Pokémon: Venti
Franchise/Origin: Genshin Impact

Aerilate (HA: Tangled Feet)
Other Moves:
: Fly, Sky Attack, Wing Attack, Aerial Ace, Brave Bird, Acrobatics, Dual Wingbeat, U-turn, Feint Attack, Fling, Play Rough, Quick Attack, Return, Endeavor, Fake Out, Last Resort, Arrow Shot (originally from Orion), Steel Wing
: Gust, Air Cutter, Air Slash, Hurricane, Dazzling Gleam, Disarming Voice, Draining Kiss, Fairy Wind, Heat Wave, Razor Wind, Swift, Hyper Voice, Uproar, Weather Ball, Echoed Voice, Round, Psychic, Mirror Coat, Stored Power
: Defog, Tailwind, Flatter, Switcheroo, Charm, Sweet Kiss, Detect, Sunny Day, Metronome, Sing, Supersonic, Whirlwind, Encore, Morning Sun, Perish Song, Safeguard, Follow Me, Helping Hand, Teeter Dance, Lucky Chant, Bestow, Work Up, Confide, Play Nice, Agility, Calm Mind, Magic Coat, Life Dew
Signature moves:
Splitting Gales –
– 50 BP – 10 PP – 100% – Hits 2 times. Replicates Dragon Darts' targeting behaviour for its second strike.
Z-Move – Requires Splitting Gales and Barbatosium Z Wind's Grand Ode –
– 190 BP – User automatically whips up a Tailwind on their side of the field after dealing damage.
Stats: 84/100/69/117/80/150 (BST: 600)

Reasoning: Pure-Flying type as the Wind Archon, due to lore of Genshin claiming the true forms of the Archons are beings made of pure energy. Aerilate is his primary ability to support his element of Anemo and does so with flying colors. His Hidden Ability is Tangled Feet due to his alcohol addiction; often he can be seen in the taverns of Mondstadt in a drunken stupor. Spinda, which carries that same ability, often is derided in the Pokémon community for having a gait that can be seen as drunken. (Even then, there's a canon drunken character in the old man in Viridian City, and the (first, FRLG) remakes of the game he debuted in is in the same gen that Spinda made its debut) His signature move is a stylized interpretation of a combination of the Divine Marksmanship Talent (its Charged Attack more specifically) and Splitting Gales, the first skill his Constellation grants him. The Z-Move carries his Archon name, Barbatos; and carries the same name as the Elemental Burst he has. Like with Mew, the Z-Move also performs an additional effect after dealing damage, thus Tailwind which complements his Flying-type and their massive Speed stats (only Electric type comes close). The high speed of Flying-types comes into Venti being granted a high base stat of 150 to illustrate how much he stereotypically adheres to the type most associated with wind. As a bard, he carries a massive amount of sound moves (especially the reliable Hyper Voice as a signature move/Hurricane alternative) apart from Boomburst, which would make him even more broken than he is in Genshin Impact itself. Venti himself has an Archon outfit as seen in the official web manga, which sports wings, thus he can use Steel Wing, Wing Attack, Brave Bird, Sky Attack, Dual Wingbeat, etc. Even if he isn't in his Archon outfit with wings, he can still be equipped with gliders with almost wing-like features and appearances. He gains Heat Wave, his portrayed type's obligatory coverage move, which is odd considering Heat Wave is a move of the Pyro element/Fire type.

Venti (M) @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Aerilate
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Def / 4 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Fake Out
- Brave Bird / Dual Wingbeat
- U-turn / Whirlwind
- Defog
Venti (M) @ Life Orb / Barbatosium Z
Ability: Aerilate
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Modest Nature
- Hyper Voice / Hurricane / Splitting Gales
- Heat Wave / Hyper Voice
- Morning Sun / Psychic / Stored Power
- Calm Mind


"I sometimes think, since the food we eat and the nutrients we absorb become a part of us, if we were to eat the same things and do the same things, would we gradually become the same?"
Pokémon: Mizuki
Franchise/Origin: Arknights

Clear Body / Antitransference (HA: Magic Guard)
Signature ability - Antitransference - Damaging moves deal 50% more damage to targets at or below 50% health.
Other Moves:
: Dive, Liquidation, Flip Turn, Astonish, Shadow Sneak, Phantom Force, Poltergeist, Feint Attack, Pursuit, Thief, Knock Off, Assurance, Payback, Play Rough, Spirit Break, Reversal, Revenge, Acrobatics, Bind, Covet, Double Hit, Poison Jab, Psycho Cut
: Hydro Pump, Surf, Whirlpool, Water Pulse, Brine, Night Shade, Shadow Ball, Ominous Wind, Hex, Signal Beam, Dark Pulse, Night Daze, Dazzling Gleam, Disarming Voice, Moonblast, Focus Blast, Giga Drain, Energy Ball, Blizzard, Ice Beam, Icy Wind, Swift, Tri Attack, Weather Ball, Wring Out, Sludge Bomb, Acid Spray, Venoshock, Psychic, Mirror Coat, Extrasensory, Psyshock, Stored Power, Eerie Spell, Power Gem, Flash Cannon, Mirror Shot
: Rain Dance, Aqua Ring, Soak, Confuse Ray, Curse, Destiny Bond, Spite, Grudge, Fake Tears, Flatter, Memento, Snatch, Torment, Nasty Plot, Charm, Moonlight, Misty Terrain, Will-O-Wisp, Defog, Strength Sap, Haze, Hail, Disable, Supersonic, Pain Split, Psych Up, Safeguard, Follow Me, Me First, Work Up, Acid Armor, Toxic Spikes, Venom Drench, Light Screen, Reflect, Calm Mind, Cosmic Power, Imprison, Magic Coat, Skill Swap, Trick Room, Psychic Terrain
Signature move:
Eldritch Vision –
– 140 BP – 5 PP – 90% – Hits all adjacent Pokémon in Double Battles. User takes recoil damage equal to 50% of the damage dealt to all hit targets.
Stats: 84/93/85/132/130/31 (BST: 555)

Reasoning: Primary Water-type due to being an Aegir based on a jellyfish, which has been portrayed in the Water-type mons Tentacruel & Jellicent. Ghost-type is secondary due to his codename etymology having moon-based ties; Lunala is part-Ghost type and Alola protagonist character Selene, also named after the moon, is named Mizuki in Japanese. Clear Body due to being also shared with Tentacruel and suits his origin as a moon jellyfish Aegir, which is well known for its translucent, glass-like body. Antitransference is his signature ability, which is based on one of his Talents in Arknights, there worded as "Countertransference". Both here and back in his home game, it activates a damage boost when he targets foes with 50% HP or less, which is already shown in Pokémon via Brine. The damage bonus with Antitransference is lower than that of Brine due to balancing reasons and effect overlap with Brine. Magic Guard is his hidden ability to incentivize the usage of his signature move, Eldritch Vision, which is based on one of his skills in Arknights, there worded "Unreal Vision", which also has some sort of recoil damage in Arknights. Like mons with the Rock Head + Head Smash combination, like Aggron and Tyrantrum, this gives Mizuki an unique edge in wallbreaking and tanking. Magic Guard is also shared with seemingly alien, otherworldly, occult realmons like Alakazam and Sigilyph, these connections to such mons via this ability might support his hidden ties to the mysterious Sea-bornes, Abyssal Church, and the Dinoichthys legend of Terra, as if his origins seem not that strange in H.P. Lovecraft's works. His stats are sourced from his Elite 2 promotion stats in Arknights.

Mizuki (M) @ Enrikan Shirt / Choice Specs
Ability: Antitransference
EVs: 248 HP / 8 Def / 252 SpA
Bold / Rash Nature
- Shadow Ball / Eldritch Vision
- Focus Blast / Moonblast
- Brine / Surf
- Mirror Coat / Ice Beam
Mizuki (M) @ Life Orb
Ability: Magic Guard
EVs: 8 HP / 248 Def / 252 SpA
Modest Nature
- Eldritch Vision
- Focus Blast / Moonblast
- Hydro Pump / Giga Drain
- Calm Mind / Soak
Mizuki (M) @ Leftovers / HP Banana
Ability: Magic Guard / Clear Body
EVs: 8 HP / 252 Def / 248 SpD
Bold / Relaxed Nature
- Eldritch Vision / Hex
- Will-O-Wisp / Toxic Spikes
- Defog / Destiny Bond
- Memento / Flip Turn / Strength Sap

"I won't back down. I will protect everyone!"
Pokémon: Chung
Franchise/Origin: Elsword

Abilities (Base): Battle Armor
Abilities (Iron Paladin): Magic Guard (HA: Battle Armor)
Abilities (Comet Crusader): Multiscale
Abilities (Deadly Chaser): Sniper (HA: Battle Armor)
Abilities (Fatal Phantom): Infiltrator
Abilities (Tactical Trooper): Artillery (HA: Battle Armor)
Abilities (Centurion): Tactical Field
Signature ability - Tactical Field - Combination of the effects of both Friend Guard and Power Spot.
Other Moves:
: Gyro Ball, Magnet Bomb, Metal Burst, Heavy Slam, Steel Roller, Waterfall, Liquidation, Flip Turn, Body Slam, Double-Edge, Take Down, Rock Climb, Retaliate, Counter, Revenge, Superpower, Body Press, Acrobatics, Earthquake, Bulldoze, High Horsepower, Rock Slide, Rock Blast, Rock Tomb, Stone Edge, U-turn, Icicle Spear, Icicle Crash, Dragon Rush, Knock Off, Payback, Brutal Swing
: Flash Cannon, Steel Beam, Hydro Pump, Surf, Water Gun, Water Pulse, Scald, Snipe Shot, Hyper Voice, Weather Ball, Echoed Voice, Boomburst, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, Aurora Beam, Blizzard, Ice Beam, Icy Wind, Dragon Pulse, Snarl, Dazzling Gleam, Disarming Voice
: Iron Defense, Metal Sound, Rain Dance, Aqua Ring, Life Dew, Growl, Roar, Swords Dance, Safeguard, Howl, After You, Work Up, Quick Guard, Sandstorm, Stealth Rock, Wide Guard, Sunny Day, Grassy Terrain, Agility, Barrier, Light Screen, Reflect, Calm Mind, Magic Coat, Trick Room, Magic Room, Wonder Room, Hail, Dragon Dance, Quash, Crafty Shield, Misty Terrain
Signature move:
Cobalt Cannonball -
- 90 BP - 10 PP - 100% - Move becomes Physical instead of Special if the user's Attack stat is greater than its Special Attack, including stat stage changes. Has a 20% chance to confuse the target. Ballistic move (cannot damage targets with Bulletproof).
Stats (Base): 80/55/55/75/50/45 (BST: 360) (Eviolite compatible)
Stats (Iron Paladin/Comet Crusader): 80/115/100/75/85/75 (BST: 530)
Stats (Deadly Chaser/Fatal Phantom): 50/55/85/138/97/105 (BST: 530)
Stats (Tactical Trooper/Centurion): 110/55/100/135/85/45 (BST: 530)

Evolves into Iron Paladin form when exposed to a Shiny Stone, into Deadly Chaser form when exposed to a Dusk Stone, and into Centurion form when exposed to a Dawn Stone.

With the Hamel Conviction:
  • Chung’s Iron Paladin form can change into Chung’s Comet Crusader form and vice versa.
  • Chung’s Deadly Chaser form can change into Chung’s Fatal Phantom form and vice versa.
  • Chung’s Tactical Trooper form can change into Chung’s Centurion form and vice versa.
Reasoning: Dual Steel/Water-typing due to being a royal prince from the partially submerged city of Hamel, part of the Senace Kingdom. Chung is the alias of Prince Seiker, heir to the throne of the Senace Kingdom, befitting of the Piplup line, which eventually evolves into Empoleon, which has the same type as him. A unique traits seen in Chung’s combat mechanics in Elsword proper is Berserk Mode, which appears in a cosmetic form as long as Chung knows Cobalt Cannonball, his signature move (in a similar fashion to Keldeo and Secret Sword; both it and Chung are young and inexperienced members of the Swords of Justice/El Search Party), made as reliable STAB with similar behaviour to Galarian Slowbro’s Shell Side Arm, supporting both attacking categories since his Iron Paladin path switches over to dealing physical damage (as his Metabolic Boost passive somewhat also does) instead of special damage, which the Deadly Chaser and Tactical Trooper paths still keep. As his Iron Paladin path is his canon job path, Battle Armor is his primary ability as unevolved Chung due to the Iron Paladin class (formerly) having the ability to prevent Chung from ever being hit with critical strikes from enemies (which Battle Armor basically does). When in Iron Paladin, Deadly Chaser, or Tactical Trooper form, Battle Armor becomes a Hidden Ability instead. What become his new non-Hidden Ability varies. Iron Paladin gains Magic Guard due to his Elemental Training passive skill (as a Fury Guardian) allowing him to prevent negative effects of various status ailments in Elsword, including multiple gradual damage-over-time effects, such as Magic Guard does with Pokémon’s poison and burn non-volatile status conditions. Deadly Chaser has Sniper due to a passive skill of his (from the Shooting Guardian job) giving a slight increase to his damage upon landing critical hit, like Sniper does. Tactical Trooper gains Artillery, formerly exclusive to the Renaissance and Modern Age Bases from the Age of War RTS games, due to the form his cannon takes on, which brings to mind a modern warfare mortar. In a similar vein to the Forces of Nature and the Reveal Glass, Chung’s third jobs revert his ability set to a single ability. As the unique items to promote him to his third job tiers require items with the word Conviction in them, here, his Reveal Glass equivalent item is the Hamel Conviction, named after his hometown. Comet Crusader has uniquely taken on a dragon-theme with some of the new skills of his reflecting that, resulting in Multiscale, famously held by Dragonite. (also the reason he learns Dragon Rush, Dragon Pulse, and Dragon Dance) Fatal Phantom has Infiltrator. Centurion has Tactical Field, directly named after one of his Force mods of the same name and providing a similar affect to his allies to keep in line with its composite nature of fitting Friend Guard and Power Spot’s effects into one. He knows many sound-based moves due to three of his Fury Guardian (and therefore Iron Paladin/Comet Crusader) job’s skills allowing his to produce loud vocalisations to inflict damage. This includes Roar, Echoed Voice, Hyper Voice, Growl, and Boomburst. Howl is also a sound-based move alluding to his wolf-based animal motif, which is an animal that symbolises him. EdgeQuake and Icicle Crash (both derived from the Mountain Blast skill) gives Iron Paladin/Comet Crusader powerful coverage. Snipe Shot fits the sneaky nature of the Deadly Chaser/Fatal Phantom, giving him a high crit move that synergises well with Deadly Chaser’s Sniper. Tactical Trooper/Centurion Chung can make use of Shadow Ball and Focus Blast, two great coverage moves fitting their high Sp. Atk. Tactical Trooper Chung’s Artillery ability allows those two moves to deal even more damage. His base stats are still technically still based on various values taken from Elsword proper... but it’s too complicated to explain it here lol

Chung-Comet Crusader (M) @ Life Orb / Expert Belt
Ability: Multiscale
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Liquidation
- Icicle Crash
- Earthquake / Stone Edge
- Dragon Dance
Chung-Centurion (M) @ Leftovers
Ability: Tactical Field
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 SpD
Relaxed Nature
- Scald
- Body Press
- Iron Defense / Barrier
- Roar
Chung-Fatal Phantom (M) @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Infiltrator
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Boomburst
- Hydro Pump / Surf
- Cobalt Cannonball / Ice Beam
- Flip Turn
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You're messing with us, nyow.

Pokemon: Jibanyan
Franchise of Origin: Yo-kai Watch
Type: Fire/Ghost
Abilities: Moxie, Flame Body, All Or Nothing(HA)
This Pokemon's critical hit ratio is raised by 2 stages, but attacks directed at it have their critical hit ratio raised by 1 stage.

Signature Move - Sharp Claws
Ghost, Physical, Contact 45 BP - 15 PP - 100 Acc - High critical hit ratio. Hits twice.

Stats - 30/75/45/35/35/100(320 BST)

Evolution Methods: Dusk Stone for Baddinyan, Leaf Stone for Thornyan.

Shadow Claw, Flare Blitz, Fire Punch, Fury Swipes, Scratch, Will-O-Wisp, Shadow Sneak, Quick Attack, Flash, Pay Day, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Ember, Sucker Punch, Thief, Snatch, U-Turn, Clear Smog(Event Only), Smog, Smokescreen, Acrobatics, Close Combat, Mach Punch, Poltergeist, Self Destruct(Event Only), Foul Play, Confide, Screech, Shadow Punch, Phantom Force, Trick, Superpower, Payback, Brutal Swing, Throat Chop, Slack Off, Crafty Shield, Quick Guard, Agility, Swords Dance, Nasty Plot, Shadow Ball, Grass Knot, Foresight, Night Slash, Slash, Thunder Wave, Assist, Me First, Leer, Hone Claws, Focus Energy, Laser Focus, Rage, Uproar, Thrash, Hyper Voice, Headbutt, Bite, Crunch, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Psychic Fangs, Psychic, Dark Pulse, Astonish, Meditate, Baby-Doll Eyes, Play Rough, Play Nice, Entrainment, Dazzling Gleam, Copycat, Tail Slap, Iron Tail, Charm, Flatter, Swagger, Protect, Substitute, Thunder Punch, Taunt, Mega Punch, Comet Punch, Arm Thrust, Happy Hour(Event Only), Sunny Day.

Jibanyan is the mascot of the Yo-kai Watch series, a popular video game series involving fighting and befriending various Yo-kai. Jibanyan is the first Yo-kai befriended by the player, and is one of the two companions who travel alongside you. Jibanyan has a energetic and carefree attitude, and he enjoys Chocobars, spending time with the player and other Yo-kai, but is often distracted or lazes off when in need. However, he will always protect you regardless of the circumstance.

Jibanyan has the Fire typing due to the will-o-wisps on his tail, as well as his primary typing in the games. Ghost typing because Jibanyan is a location-bound yo-kai, the spirit of a cat who has passed away to a tragic incident. He has Moxie because of his main ability in the series, Adrenaline, which boosts his attack and spirit after he has fainted an opposing Yo-kai, and Moxie is something he has practiced with other Yo-kai in Yo-kai Watch 2. He also has Flame Body due to the large will-o-wisps on his tail, which could burn attackers, and his signature ability, All Or Nothing, is the ability of his alternate form: Jibanyan S. This ability in the Yo-kai watch series' games highly increase his own critical hit rate and the chance of him receiving a critical hit in return, which is what this ability does. Sharp Claws is Jibanyan's main physical attack in the Yo-kai Watch series, it is a multi hitting attack that has has a high chance of critical hitting. Jibanyan can evolve into Baddinyan and Thornyan in the main series games, and as such it makes sense that he can do the same here. Most of the moves are relatively self explanatory - Jibanyan has the ability to throw a rapid volley of punches, an agile body, the ability to wield swords effectively, has special scrolls relating to the event only moves, and is an undead spirit of a cat. In the games, Jibanyan has a blazing speed stat, a solid attack stat, and a mediocre spirit stat and poor defensive profile, explaining the stat spread.

Pokemon: Baddinyan
Franchise Of Origin: Yo-kai Watch
Type: Fire/Dark
Abilities: Moxie, Intimidate, Pompadour(HA)
This Pokemon is immune to headbutting attacks.(Zen Headbutt, Iron Head, Headbutt, Head Charge, Head Smash, Megahorn, Horn Leech, Horn Attack, Horn Drill,.)

Signature Move - Nasty Kick
Dark, Physical, Contact, 100 BP - 10 PP - 95 Acc - 20% chance to make the target flinch. For 2 turns, the target cannot use sound-based moves.

Signature Z-Move - Nyice ta Beatcha
Dark, Physical - 185 BP - 1 PP - 100% chance to confuse the target.

Signature Z-Crystal - Baddinium Z
If held by a Baddinyan with Nasty Kick, it can use Nyice ta Beatcha.

Stats - 55/120/75/60/85/135(530 BST)

Moves: Jibanyan's Moveset, Blaze Kick, Low Kick, Jump Kick, High Jump Kick, Confuse Ray, Mega Kick, Double Kick, Triple Kick, Dizzy Punch, Knock Off, Embargo.

Justification: Baddinyan is 1 of the 2 evolved forms of Jibanyan, the other being Thornyan. Baddinyan is a delinquent without a cause: he enjoys causing trouble to humans and other Yo-kai alike by intimidation, aggression, confusion or disruption.

Baddinyan's fire typing is from the main games where that is his primary typing, his Dark typing represents his change into a delinquent and his sinister actions to follow. Nasty Kick is Baddinyan's physical attack in the main series, and Nyice ta Beatcha is his Soultimate. Nyice ta Beatcha inflicts hit Yo-kai with confusion, making them hurt themselves or their allies in confusion, so it applying confusion as well is no surprise. His ability, Pompadour, allows him to dodge headbutt attacks every time from enemy yo-kai, effectively making him immune to the attacks. His new moves are from his new gained ability to kick with brutal force, and his desire for disruption. His stats in the games are fast and strong but incredibly frail, which is what this stat spread aimed to achieve.

Pokemon: Thornyan
Franchise Of Origin: Yo-kai Watch
Type: Grass/Ghost
Abilities: Technician, Rough Skin, Spiky Guard(HA)
The user reflects 50% of the damage they receive from contact moves.

Signature Move - Ventilator
Grass, Physical, Contact, 100 BP - 10 PP - 95 Acc - 20% chance to Poison the target. Ignores the Abilities of other Pokemon.

Signature Z-Move - Thorny Thwacks
Grass, Physical, Contact - 23 BP - 1 PP - Hits 7 times. Ignores the Abilities of other Pokemon. Each hit has a 5% chance to poison.

Signature Z-Crystal - Thornyium Z
If held by a Thornyan with Ventilator, it can use Thorny Thwacks.

Stats: 70/105/120/55/75/105 (530 BST)

Moves: Jibanyan's Moveset, Spiky Shield, Spikes, Toxic Spikes, Toxic, Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, Rain Dance, Needle Arm, Thunder Punch, Giga Drain, Energy Ball, Absorb, Solar Beam, Earthquake, Earth Power, Synthesis, Dig, Seed Bomb, Leech Seed, Bullet Seed, Weather Ball, Poison Jab, Sludge Bomb, Sludge Wave, Pin Missile.

Justification: Thornyan is the other evolved from of Jibanyan. His new cactus prickles help him on defense and offense, but make it more difficult for his friends to go close to him. Thornyan doesn't seem to mind too much though- He enjoys his new spikes, and new moves that came with them!

Thornyan's Grass typing is justified as he resembles a cactus, and uses cactus prickles to help him defend himself or go out on the offensive. Ghost typing is justified because Thornyan is still a yo-kai, and an undead spirit of a cat. Ventilator is Thornyan's physical attack in the main series, the fact he uses his prickly head to attack allows it to pierce through the effects of abilities. Those thorns could get stuck and deal over time damage, which is what the poison chance is for. Thorny Thwacks is Thornyan's Soultimate move, and in the main series, it has a base power of 23x7, the same as here. His signature ability, Spiky Guard, is similar to the ability with the same name that he has in the main series, which returns damage to the attacker if he is guarding. His stats in yokai watch are relatively balanced, with a good speed, defense, and attack stats, but poor spirit stats. This is what I aimed to achieve with it's stat spread.


The Doctor should have been scared, worried, horrified, he knew this, but instead, he felt... fascination. How quickly could this disease spread, how many people could it kill?
Pokemon: Plaguebearer
Game of Origin: Town Of Salem
Type: Plaguebearer: Poison/Dark, Plaguebearer-Pestilence: Poison/Ghost
Ability: Horseman Of The Apocalypse
This Pokemon can poison or badly poison other Pokemon regardless of their typing, if this Pokemon is in normal forme and directly attacks a Pokemon that is poisoned or badly poisoned, it transforms into Pestilence forme. Forme persists upon switch-out. This Pokemon enters battle in normal forme.

Signature Move - Silent Spread
Poison, Status, Never Misses, Bounceable - Badly poisons the target. User switches.

Stats: 100 / 110 / 90 / 80 / 80 / 90: Plaguebearer
100 / 140 / 100 / 110 / 90 / 110: Plaguebearer-Pestilence

Moves: Toxic, Toxic Spikes, Gunk Shot, Poltergeist, Foul Play, Night Slash, Thrash, Smog, Smokescreen, Clear Smog, Haze, Iron Defense, Knock Off, Quick Guard, Wide Guard, Close Combat, Superpower, Swords Dance, Shadow Sneak, Sucker Punch, Poison Jab, High Horsepower, Heavy Slam, Iron Head, Sludge Bomb, Nasty Plot, Sludge Wave, Sludge, Acid, Acid Spray, Shadow Ball, Moonblast, Dazzling Gleam, Flash, Psychic, Energy Ball, Focus Blast, Substitute, Protect, Crafty Shield, Heal Pulse, Trick, Trick Room, Wonder Room, Psyshock, Shock Wave, Agility, Outrage, Rage, Jump Kick, Blaze Kick, Brutal Swing.

Justification: The Plaguebearers are acolytes of Pestilence who spreads disease among the Pokemon world. Once every Pokemon is infected, Pestilence awakes from its slumber to fight by the Plaguebearer's side.

Plaguebearer is a Poison type because it's premise revolves around spreading disease to summon Pestilence. Normal Plaguebearer is a dark type because he spreads disease during the night, in the shadows, wearing mostly black to hide in the night. Pestilence Plaguebearer is a Ghost type because the Pestilence horse is a shadowy horse with typically a ghastly or undead looking jockey on top of it. In Town of Salem, Plaguebringer must spread the plague before he may attack, hence the higher offensive stats on the Pestilence form. Pestilence in Town of Salem also has better protection than Plaguebearer himself, so the defenses are higher as well. During the Night Phases of Town of Salem, the Plaguebringer visits one player to spread the disease before returning to his own home. This is why his signature move, Silent Spread, has the effect it does: He poisons a pokemon, and then returns to his pokeball, or his "home", so to speak. His other moves are somewhat self-explanatory, as he spreads disease during the night, has a glowing toxic canister, and the Pestilence has incredible strength.
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Bombs away!

Pokémon: Worm
Franchise/Origin: Worms (WMD Specifically)

Abilities: Aftermath
Moves: Rocket, Magnet Bomb, Poison Gas, Machine Gun, Mine, Homerun, Barrage, Acrobatics, Magnet Rise, Fire Punch, Sky Uppercut, Banana Bomb, Super Sheep, Concrete Donkey, Holy Hand Grenade, Draco Meteor, Stealth Rock, Sludge Bomb, Self-Destruct, Explosion, Double-Edge, Dig, Magnetic Flux, Teleport, Spark, Thunderbolt, Discharge, Present, Gunk Shot, Mega Punch, Fly, Attack Order, Spikes, Doom Desire, Flamethrower, Snipe Shot
I = Custom Moves
Custom Moves:
Banana Bomb -
- 40 BP - 5 PP [8 Max] - 80% Acc - Hits 2-5 Times; Non-Contact, Ballistic
Super Sheep -
- 100 BP - 10 PP [16 Max] - — Acc - Non-Contact, Ballistic
Concrete Donkey -
- 20 BP - 10 PP [16 Max] - % Acc - Ground type Triple Axel Clone; Non-contact
Holy Hand Grenade -
- 180 BP - 5 PP [8 Max] - 80% Acc - Targets all adjacent Pokémon; Non-contact, Ballistic
Stats: 150 / 100 / 50 / 100 / 50 / 75 [525 BST]
Justification: This Worm sub is specifically based around their appearance in Worms W.M.D, as if I were to go over every appearance, that would take way too long to compile everything lmao. Ground/Fighting type, Ground comes from them being Worms, and emulating their crippling weakness to water, and Fighting from them being soldiers who have mastered a wide array of combat styles. They get Aftermath, as upon death, Worms explode, hurting nearby friends and foes alike. For their health stat specifically, the most common settings are 100, 150, and 200, so I went with a base 150 to reference this. As for the rest of their stats, I went with decent attack, lower defense, and middling speed to capture their soldier-like nature and expendability.
As for Worm’s moves, these guys have a ridiculously large arsenal, so I’ll just have a list showing which Pokémon attacks represent which weapons within Worms:
Bazooka - Rocket
Grenade, Homing Missile - Magnet Bomb
Gas Grenade - Poison Gas
Uzi, Minigun, Machine Gun - Machine Gun
Mine - Mine
Baseball Bat - Homerun
Air Strike - Barrage
Ninja Rope - Acrobatics
Jet Pack - Magnet Rise
Fire Punch - Fire Punch, Sky Uppercut
Banana Bomb, Super Banana Bomb - Banana Bomb
Super Sheep - Super Sheep
Concrete Donkey - Concrete Donkey
Holy Hand Grenade - Holy Hand Grenade
Armageddon, Wormageddon - Draco Meteor
Sentry Gun - Stealth Rock
Old Woman - Sludge Bomb
Kamikaze - Self-Destruct, Explosion, Double-Edge
Blow Torch - Dig
Electromagnet - Magnetic Flux
Teleport - Teleport
Dodgy Phone Battery - Spark, Thunderbolt, Discharge
Unwanted Present - Present
Stinking Carpet Bomb - Gunk Shot
Mega Punch - Mega Punch
Party Balloon - Fly
Minions - Attack Order
Worm Stinger - Spikes
W-1 Rocket - Doom Desire
Flame Thrower - Flamethrower
Sniper Rifle - Snipe Shot
For the 4 custom moves, I went with 4 of Worms' most recognizable weapons (in my opinion), the Banana Bomb, the Super Sheep, the Concrete Donkey, and the Holy Hand Grenade. As for how I designed those moves, Banana Bomb is an incredibly potent bomb that splits into many smaller bombs, hence it being a far more potent multi-hit move. Super Sheep is a flying (and exploding) sheep whose movements are controlled by the player themselves, making this attack far easier to hit than most. Concrete Donkey falls from the sky, destroying it's way to the water. As it's another multi-hit, I went with the Triple Axel style multi-hit for this one. And the Holy Hand Grenade, a weapon that, while hard to land, has some of the highest damage outputs attached to a single blow, hence it's ridiculously high BP and 80% accuracy. I ended up going this extreme for the BP as normal type moves are hard to justify on anything that doesn't get stab or boost the power in any manner, so this bp allows the HHG to be in line with the power of a STAB boosted Concrete Donkey, which seemed fair.


The yields were kept small, and the forest grounds untamed.
And due to my wisdom and efforts, my garden has blossomed.
In this land of death, I have given birth to a cornucopia of life.

Pokémon: Naamah
Franchise/Origin: Rogue Legacy 2

Abilities: Flower Veil / Everlasting Nightmare [HA]
Moves: Aromatherapy, Bullet Seed, Energy Ball, Forest’s Curse, Frenzy Plant, Grass Knot, Grass Pledge, Grassy Glide, Grassy Terrain, Grass Whistle, Ingrain, Petal Blizzard, Petal Dance, Power Whip, Vine Whip, Charm, Dazzling Gleam, Disarming Voice, Floral Healing, Heart Blast, Heart Stamp, Shadow Ball, Nightmare, Hyper Voice, Screech, Rapid Spin, Fireball
Custom Ability: Everlasting Nightmare - If this Pokemon is hit by an attack while their health is at 50% or lower, the attacker loses 1/8 of their maximum hp.
Stats: 100 / 80 / 75 / 110 / 145 / 70 [525 BST]
Justification: Estuary Naamah, caretaker of the Kerguelen Plateau, is the third main boss of Rogue Legacy 2. Her Grass typing comes from nature being centric to her character; being the Agricultural expert of the estuaries, and her literally being in a massive flower for her design. As for the fairy type, Naamah is often associated with themes of beauty and love, which within Pokémon correlate closely to moves such as Dazzling Gleam and Pokémon such as Enamorus. As for her abilities, Flower Veil comes from her literally using flowers as part of her veil, while Everlasting Nightmare represents her battle mechanic upon reaching half-health, the spawn of nightmares. In Rogue Legacy 2, these nightmares are stationary orbs that shoot projectiles at the player whenever they use an attack. So, this custom ability is my translation of that into Pokémon mechanics. As for stats, it felt right to give her high special bulk, for when the eternal winter hit the Kerguelen Plateau, Naamah was able to withstand the cold, while most others perished. Her attack stats are generally lower than what I had done for Lamech, as her specialty was far less combat-focused than every other Estuary in the game.
For a quick justification on some attacks, she gets Petal moves as her main projectile are flower bulbs, Vine based attacks come her design, and the Grassy terrain-like moves come from her being a cultivator of the lands. For non-grass moves, she gets several Heart-based attacks in reference to an attack where she creates a heart made of projectiles, shadow ball from the void orbs she includes in NG+ attacks, Fireball as some her attacks can summon fireballs, rapid spin from a certain attack where she does just that, and the voice moves come from her rather out of character screeching sounds in the transition to the second half of the boss fight.

Have a resub as well:


Why do you wish to fight me? How many sons and daughters have been lost in your pathetic attempts at revenge?
It was the king who brought ruin to your country, not I!
He lied to us. He said he was wounded, yet it was only time that threatened him!
He pitted his children against one another, sacrificed everything to satisfy his own selfish desires, and in the end, left us penniless and alone.
So I took the only option left. I rejected king and country...
And chose a new family instead!

Pokémon: Johannes
Franchise/Origin: Rogue Legacy

Abilities: Defiant / Justified [HA]
Custom Item:
Fountain of Youth - Allows Johannes to Mega Evolve
Moves: Axe Strike, Blade Burst, Close Combat, Sacred Sword, Detect, Barrier, Spiky Shield, Life Dew, Double Edge, Double Team, Swords Dance, Teleport
Stats: 110 / 90 / 80 / 80 / 80 / 100 [540 BST]

You think you have slain me?
I have lived for over a thousand years, and I will live for ten thousand more!
Alexander... Khidr... Ponce De Leon...
I was not the first hero to reach the fountain...
But I will be the last!

Pokémon: Johannes-Mega

Abilities: Fountain's Blade - Steel type attacks become Water type & gain a 1.2x power boost.
Stats: 110 / 150 / 100 / 80 / 130 / 70 [640 BST]
Justification: Johannes the Traitor, the final boss of the first Rogue Legacy game. A traitor to the Kingdom, Johannes spends his days locked within the throne, possessing the Fountain of Youth as his treasure. (Hence his connection to the theme) His base form takes up the Fighting/Steel typing, being a knight clad in steel armor. In his base form, Johannes' abilities are both Defiant and Justified, both derivative from his personality/lore, as displayed in the introductory quote included.
As for attack's, Johannes' attacks in-game had very little diversity, and this is reflected in his rather limited movepool, in base form, he gets some standard knife & sword attacks, reflected by Sacred Sword, Double Edge, and Close Combat, and the Blade Wall spell, which summons a stagnant barrier that hurts anyone who approaches, which is portrayed by both Barrier and Spiky Shield. He also has an attack where he tosses a barrage of axes across the battlefield, making the custom Axe Strike move appropriate for this learnset. As for the rest of his moves, I'll get to those a bit later, as they pertain to his second form.
For stats, Johannes has a fairly balanced movepool, being designed to have similar strength to the player character, who has rather malleable stats. There is a slight bonus to HP and Speed, as bosses in Rogue Legacy sport rather high health stats for a good reason, and Johannes is a particularly agile boss in the Rogue Legacy series.
Now, onto his Mega form, Johannes-Mega represents the second phase of his boss fight, where upon initial defeat, he fuses with the fountain, taking on a more powerful form. As such he drops his Steel-typing in favor Water-typing from the fountain's power, his bladed attacks are now fit to be more powerful and accompanied by a new blue sheen, leading to the particular design choices around his ability, Fountain's Blade. Again, Fountain Johannes' attacks lack much diversity, only adding a few extra moves to the movepool. He throws out a large barrage of swords and knives, however those attacks don't really add anything new. He gains a new attack where he stations himself at the center of the stage, then summons Lances to rise up from the ground, which seemed to best mirror a custom move, Dark Meta Knight's Blade Burst. Instead of maneuvering around the map like in his base form, Fountain Johannes predominantly warps around the map, justifying teleport.
Overall, Johannes-Mega gains a large boon to his Defense and Attack, as he in game he now takes and deals greater damage, however his speed takes a slight drop, as he loses that swiftness from the first phase in exchange for aforementioned warping.
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A dump of five familiar faces with zero types in common

"We're playing Beat Saber!" - Frank Bentley in Unlimited Power
Pokémon: Beat Saber Avatar
Type: Normal/Psychic
Ability: Adaptability / One-Saber* / Zen Mode
*The user's two-hit moves hit exactly once with triple BP.
Signature Move: Beat Saber - Psychic, Special, 40 BP, 90% Acc, 10 PP | Hits 2 times, with each hit having its own accuracy check. Drains 50% of damage dealt. Physical if Atk > SpA.
Other Moves: Rhythm Strike (from Screwbots), Slash, Double Hit, Rapid Spin, Pay Day, Psycho Cut, Sacred Sword, Fury Cutter, Dual Chop, God Blow (from Aqua), Molotov (from Austin Carter), Gear Grind, Crabhammer, Fly, Poltergeist, Relic Song, Swift, Secret Sword, Hurricane, Air Slash, Surf, Thunderbolt, Charge Beam, Scorching Sands, Power Gem, Dark Pulse, Dazzling Gleam, Flamethrower, Mystical Fire, Hidden Power, Flash Cannon, Swords Dance, Tailwind, Teleport, Haze, Taunt, Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Recover, Wish, Charge, Rest, Sleep Talk, Detect, Attract, Will-O-Wisp, Magic Coat, Magic Room, Magic Powder, Trick-or-Treat, Lucky Chant, Spotlight, Assist
Stats: 100/115/55/115/55/115 | 555 BST
Stats (Zen Mode): 100/75/115/80/115/115 | 600 BST
Reasoning: It's an existence similar to Porygon, namely just programmed data, therefore Normal-type. Psychic typing matches the Jedi in Expanded (i.e. Yoda and Anakin/Vader), as well as Anakin's signature Lightsaber Throw. Beat Saber is all about adapting to the flying blocks, hence Adaptability. One-Saber is a self-explanatory mode, usually more challenging than its standard counterparts but limited to Volumes 1-2, five Extras, and two songs from each of Volumes 3-5 and the Camellia pack. Zen Mode is based on the eponymous Solo play modifier that removes all notes, allowing the player to just listen to the songs, which translates to trading power for bulk. (Incidentally, the base 115s are derived from the maximum possible score per note, while the 90% accuracy of the signature move is equal to the threshold of the highest rank in the game: SS.) Rhythm Strike, Double Hit, Dual Chop, and slashing/sword moves are influenced by the core gameplay, while the rest of the movepool is based on songs that are freely available as of Version 1.20.
Volume 1
$100 Bills: Pay Day
Breezer: Flying-type moves
Escape (ft. Summer Haze): Teleport, Haze
Legend (ft. Backchat): God Blow (lyric in the first verse), Taunt

Volume 2
Be There For You: Sunny Day, Rain Dance ("the sun will rise" + "the rain will fall")
Elixia: Recover, Wish (resembles "elixir")
Rum n' Bass: Surf, Thunderbolt, Molotov (inspired by pirates/alcohol; contains a thunderclap)

Volume 3
Give a Little Love: Attract
Full Charge: Charge (Beam)
Burning Sands: Scorching Sands

Volume 4
Into the Dream: Rest, Sleep Talk, Hypnosis, Dream Eater
It Takes Me: Dark Pulse ("It" is "the darkness")
Spin Eternally: Rapid Spin

Volume 5
Firestarter: Fire-type moves
I Wanna Be a Machine: Gear Grind
Magic: Dazzling Gleam (JP: Magical Shine) and other Magic moves (partly including Mystical Fire (JP: Magical Flame))

Spooky Beat: Trick-or-Treat
FitBeat: Detect (involves a lot of obstacle evasion)
Crab Rave: Crabhammer
Pop/Stars: Swift (JP: Speed Star)
One Hope: Hidden Power ("Me and you and the unknown")
Angel Voices: Lucky Chant

EXiT This Earth's Atomosphere [sic]: Fly
Ghost: Poltergeist (It's a noisy song, and "poltergeist" literally means "noisy ghost")
Light it up: Spotlight, Flash Cannon (JP: Luster Cannon)
Crystallized: Power Gem
Cycle Hit: Relic Song (allows Meloetta to cycle between forms)
WHAT THE CAT!?: Assist (JP: Cat's Paw)

She has a warrior spirit tempered with focus and discipline and is always eager for a good fight.
Pokémon: Olympia
Type: Fighting/Rock
Ability: Inner Focus / Guts / Crystallize (Galvanize but Rock-type)
Moves: Close Combat, High Jump Kick, Superpower, Low Kick, Sky Uppercut, Force Palm, Rolling Kick, Mach Punch, Rock Smash, Double Kick, Reversal, Counter, Diamond Storm, Stone Edge, Rock Slide, Accelerock, Earthquake, Bulldoze, Mega Kick, Mega Punch, Tail Slap, Quick Attack, Play Rough, Bullet Punch, U-turn, Knock Off, Sucker Punch, Stealth Rock, Bulk Up, Sharpen, Focus Energy, Detect, Taunt
Stats: 85/120/99/55/76/100 | 535 BST
Reasoning: What you see is what you get: a karate mouse with control over gemstones. The gemstones bring Carbink and Diancie to mind, which in turn inspire her Rock typing/moves and Sharpen. As a karate mouse, she also gets Fighting typing, Inner Focus, Guts, and plenty of moves related to her fighting style. (Well, Bulk Up is a mix of the two.) In particular, Emerald Focus and Zircon Straight are special moves that influence Counter + Force Palm and priority moves respectively.

"Adversity is said to be the best motivation."
Pokémon: Dohalim il Qaras
Type: Dark/Ground
Ability: Rod Extension - If the user avoids a move with Detect, then the user gains the effects of Long Reach and Focus Energy for the next five turns or until after switching out, whichever comes first. This Ability can activate repeatedly to reset the turn counter.
Signature Move: Air Pressure (Thousand Arrows but special and single-target)
Other Moves: Darkest Lariat, Sucker Punch, Fiery Wrath, Night Daze, Dark Pulse, Earthquake, Earth Power, Stone Edge, Accelerock, Power Gem, High Jump Kick, Thunderous Kick, Bludgeon (from Gail), Sky Uppercut, Boomerang (from Sokka), Acrobatics, Power Whip, Dragon Hammer, Double Hit, Rapid Spin, Fury Attack, Bind, Constrict, Nature Power, Stealth Rock, Recover, Heal Pulse, Wish, Aqua Ring, Cosmic Power, Aromatherapy, Block, Rototiller, Detect, Teleport
Z-Move: Epochal Severance - Dark, Physical, 180 BP | Inflicts -1 Def and SpD on the target. | Requires Sucker Punch and Dohalium Z
Stats: 100/99/86/78/98/82 | 543 BST
Reasoning: Being Renan allows Dohalim to use dark magic, which supports Dark typing. (see also: Primrose) As for Ground, he is the elemental lord of earth, and his power is mostly connected to making things like stalagmites and plants grow out of the ground. (This inspires Nature Power and Rototiller, and the plant aspect shows in his Boost Attack, which is the basis for Bind, Constrict, and Block.) Rod Extension is a battle mechanic unique to him, whereby a perfect dodge (parallel to Detect) momentarily lengthens his rod, buffing his melee range and critical hit ratio. It’s also worth noting that Arise supports party member switching like Berseria, but not guarding, hence Teleport but no Protect. Other moves are based on his artes.
Heal, Cure: Recover, Heal Pulse, Wish
Regenerate: Aqua Ring
Barrier: Cosmic Power
Lionheart: Agility (raises AG recovery speed)

Ground Attacks
Tempest: Bludgeon ("barrage of rod strikes")
Catapult: Boomerang ("Throws a twirling rod.")
Solitary Captivity: Stealth Rock ("lays a rock trap")
Penumbra: Accelerock ("moves instantly over an enemy"; earth-based)
Elusive Deity: Sky Uppercut, Darkest Lariat ("Rushes forward and thrashes [the] enemy in an upward leap."; dark-based)
Seismic Rupture: Stone Edge ("Dohalim twirls his rod while charging forward, following it up with a rock attack.")
Crescent Flash: Acrobatics (wind-based)
Sanguine Blossom: Thunderous Kick, Power Whip ("Launches a combo from an upper kick, then follows up with a rose vine lashing."; inflicts Curse, which increases damage taken)

Air Attacks
Rotating Piledriver: Rapid Spin ("a vertical spin")
Tornado Drive: Dragon Hammer ("slamming the staff downward")
Sonic Spear: Fury Attack ("A forward rush with repeated thrusts.")
Demon's Lance: Sucker Punch ("Forms a spear of darkness and throws it.")
Soaring Blast: Earthquake ("Sends a shockwave along the ground")
Eagle Rage: Double Hit, High Jump Kick ("Fires two shockwaves, then launches a diving attack.")

Stalagmite: Earth Power ("makes the ground rise upward across multiple phases")
Air Pressure ("crushes the area surrounding an enemy")
Ground Dasher: Power Gem ("gushes rocks out of an earth fissure")
Negative Gate: Dark Pulse (base dark)
Bloody Howling: Night Daze (higher dark)
Execution: Fiery Wrath (strongest dark)
Stats are derived from their Level 100 counterparts in-game, with Penetration representing Speed. HP is divided by 100 and doubled in its deviation from the minimum, whereas the rest of the stats are simply divided by 8 (SpA) or 6 (others).
Alphen: 105/113/100/66/80/98 | 562 BST
Shionne: 83/87/83/90/110/81 | 534 BST
Rinwell: 69/84/73/146/112/97 | 581 BST
Law: 88/128/78/64/68/114 | 540 BST
Kisara: 114/96/121/56/65/91 | 543 BST

"A wild Neptune appeared!"
Pokémon: Neptune
Type: Electric/Fairy
Ability: Own Tempo / Truant
Signature Moves:
  • Cross Combo - Fairy, Physical, 25 BP, 100% Acc, 20 PP | Hits 2-5 times.
  • Victory Slash - Fairy, Physical, 50 BP, 90% Acc, 10 PP | Hits 2 times.
  • Stat Multiplier - Fairy, Other, 15 PP | Raises the Defense, Special Defense, and Speed of the user or an adjacent ally.
Other Moves: Zing Zap, Spark, Sacred Sword, Leaf Blade, Night Slash, Psycho Cut, Slash, Thunderbolt, Dazzling Gleam, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Air Slash, Incinerate, Swords Dance, Teleport
Z-Move: EXE Drive: Neptune Break - Fairy, Physical, 195 BP | Requires Cross Combo and Neptunium Z
Stats: 80/120/75/65/80/100 | 520 BST

"I fight for a reason!"
Form: Neptune-Purple-Heart (Ultra Burst form with Purple CPU Memory)
Ability: Levitate
Z-Move: EXE Drive: HDD Neptune - Fairy, Physical, 210 BP | Has combined efficacy with Electric, except against Ground-types. | Requires Victory Slash
Stats: 80/135/105/80/100/120 (+15 Atk, +30 Def, +15 SpA, +20 SpD, +20 Spe) | 620 BST

Reasoning: Tiny, toony, and more than a little loony, Neptune is the most prominent CPU (Console Patron Unit) of Planeptune, as well as the titular character and series protagonist. She specializes in lightning attacks and is a mischievous pudding fanatic, hence Electric/Fairy. She gets Own Tempo (JP: My Pace) from her tendency to boast about her protagonist status, and Truant because she frequently shirks her CPU duties to...lightly put, maintain her morale.
In-game, she is a physical DPS character with a unique supporting skill, although unfortunately most of her elemental coverage is on the special side.

"As thanks for getting me so fired up... I'll make your immolation an immaculate one."
Pokémon: Shiba Miyakaze
Type: Fire/Bug
Ability: Blaze / Levitate / Swarm
Moves: Flaming Sword (physical Flamethrower; revised Tahu Toa move), Attack Order, Fury Cutter, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Signal Beam, Infestation, Earthquake, Bulldoze, Earth Power, Sacred Sword, Secret Sword, Psycho Cut, Psyshock, Slash, Draco Meteor, Power Trip, Swords Dance, Quiver Dance, Substitute, Will-O-Wisp, Taunt, Detect, Double Team
Stats: 100/100/75/111/89/125 | 600 BST
Reasoning: Shiba is all about fire-related puns and has a fiery aura in battle, so Fire typing and Blaze are obligatory. Bug typing and Quiver Dance (JP: Butterfly Dance) are based on his connection to butterflies, namely in his Noise symbol and the illusory effect by which he conceals and clones himself. As the Game Master, and thanks to the Executor, he has the ability to summon Noise: the basis of Attack Order and Infestation. (Sound moves are tempting, but NEO TWEWY has a Sound element, and attacks of that element do not resemble the Noise.) Other techniques include firing energy orbs (Psyshock), creating shock waves in the ground (special STAB, Ground coverage), a sword attack (Flaming Sword, Fury Cutter, Fighting coverage, Psycho Cut, Slash, Swords Dance), a meteoric attack (Draco Meteor), and Levitating during battle. Swarm, Substitute, and Double Team come from his cloning technique; Detect from evasive maneuvers; Power Trip and Taunt as aspects of his character.
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Mecha Bee Destroyer BLAST LORD WITH LYRICS - Bug Fables: The Everlasting  Sapling Cover - YouTube


Name: Honey Drone B-33
Series: Bug Fables
Type: Steel/Flying Ability: Swarm, Comatose, and Subsibash
New Ability: Subsibash; If Subsitute is up, the attack hits twice at 1/4th the damage, also secondary effects will not apply.
Stats: 50/70/100/85/95/85 [485]

Moves: Missile, Hyper Beam, Ice Beam, Meteor Beam, Signal Beam, Flash Cannon, Bubble Beam, Charge Beam, Charge, Subsitute, Body Slam, Slam, Headbutt, Dual Wingbeat, Protect, Rapid Spin, Trump Card, Last Resort, Explosion, Self Destruct, Attack Order, Defend Order, Lunge, Struggle Bug, U-Turn.

Reasonings: Defensive third boss of Bug Fables, so all of it's moves are things a Bee Drone that shoots beams and cannon stuff would normally do withsome things it could reasonably do with some bug coverage (I mean, it is made by bees for the bees so why wouldn't it not get bug moves) andlast resort since it is a guardian/defender, and Self Destruction/Explosion for robot being destroyed.

SThe boss also spawns mini enemies that have weak attacks and due to Mega Kanga, the followup attack does a fraction of the damage WITHOUT any of the effects.

- Reposts -

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“You should’ve had your cake and ate it, too!
Now, instead of green, you’ll be black-and-blue!
Smile and pose for the camera crew
While the Hawk lands a RAWKIN’ flyin’ press on you!”

Series/Franchise: Paper Mario
Type: Grass/Fighting (Paper, and also doesn’t actually fly)
Abilities: Moxie, Inner Focus, and Unburden
Stats: 80/110/75/74/74/118 [BST 531]
Moves: Flying Press, Wing Attack, Roost, Endeaver, Bounce, Sky Drop, Sky Attack, High Jump Kick, Bulk up, Taunt, Brick Break, Steel Wing, Acrobatics, Retaliate, Fient, Super Power, Low kick, Elemental Punches+ Drain Punch, Throat Chop, Leaf Blade, Grassy Glide, Trop Kick, Earthquake, and Rock Slide

Reasoning: Most moves are essentially based on Hawlucha, which Rawk Hawk could basically be seen as a stronger variant with Grass type moves and Stab to go with it.
Leaf Blade; because he is essentially a paper being
Trop Kick; He has a Kick attack and felt like he could use a Grass type Kick anyways.
Flying Press; his Diving Smash attack is basically Flying Press
Rock Slide and Earthquake; Rafter Shake. Could be his own signature move. Rock Slide due to how it is while Earthquake simulates it’s visual effects, even though that isn’t how the actual in game attack works.

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"Forward Steady! All hands ready! Here's one voyage you won't be forgetting!"
Name: Minamitsu Murasa
Series: Touhou (Appears in Touhou12 and is both an opponent and playable character in Touhou 17.5)
Type: Water/Ghost
Ability: Steelworker
Stats: HP 75/105/90/105/95/80 [BST: 550]
Moves: Anchor Shot, Soak, Liquidation, Aqua Ring, Brine, Muddy Water, Water Pledge, Whirlpool, Meteor Mash, Heavy Slam, Poltergeist, Phantom Force, Fake out, Strength, Work up, and Protect

Zmove: (from Anchor Shot) Harbor Sign: Eternally Anchored Ghost Ship (Type: Steel Pow:180 Acc:-) Omni debuff. The opponent cannot switch out unless either pokemon faint. Z move Item: Harbor Sign
Reasonings: Water/Ghost due to death by drowning and uses water based magic and attacks as seen in 17.5.
having Steelworker is the same as why Dhelmise has it; Giant Anchor to fight with.
Whirlpool, Water pledge, Soak, and Brine come from her ability to both sink boats as well as being able to make people drown no matter how small the water unless it's barely anything.
Poltergiest, Phantom Force and fake out due to ghost stuff.
Strength Work up and protect are other moves I can see her use
Steel type moves because giant anchor Z move is one of her spellcards
I'll likely get around to doing other Xenoblade 3 characters at some stage since that game has taken up most of my time over the last few weeks. I'll get to some of the meatier characters at some stage but for now, here's a bite-sized Nopon sub.

Manana cannot stop pot in mid spiiin!
Pokémon: Riku & Manana

Ability: Technician, Gluttony
Notable Moves: Roasty-Toasty, Iron Head, Smart Strike, Steel Beam, Flare Blitz, Fire Punch, Flame Charge, Sacred Sword, Psycho Cut, Knock Off, Body Slam, Double Hit, Spiky Shield, Shift Gear, Autotomize, Sap Sipper, Metal Sound, Rapid Spin
| 70 BP | 95% accuracy | 5 (8) PP | inflicts burn on target

Stats: 141 / 114 / 86 / 93 / 79 / 57 (570 BST)

Reason: Riku and Manana fight as one hero in Xenoblade 3, using their unique class, Yumsmith. Riku is a mechanic and blacksmith by trade, giving the Steel-typing, while Manana is known for her cooking, giving the secondary Fire-typing. These two traits also give Riku & Manana their abilities. One of the arts unique to the Yumsmith pair is Roasty-Toasty, a move that inflicts a burn status on foes while dealing a moderate amount of damage. The rest of their movepool is based on other arts in their arsenal that are based mainly on using swords, shields and general physical attacks such as Body Slam as well as a few moves that buff their stats such as Shift Gear. One of the class's main ways of supporting in combat is through debuffs, including a skill called Sappy Sappy Drain.
As always, voting follows submissions. You have a week to vote for your three favourite subs.
Also, be sure to keep an eye out for a balance slate in the coming month or so as this gen comes to a close.
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